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        1. ABOOUT US
          Yueqing Rongxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is an automation equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research and development, production and sales.In many years of business expansion, we have established long-term and pleasant cooperation with many enterprises, covering all parts of the country and Southeast Asia. With years of production experience and technology, we have independently developed a series of fully automatic and semi-automatic machines. The existing leading mechanical products inc…
          Rongxin Machinery website revision online
          Welcome to the website of Yueqing Rongxin Machinery Co., Ltd. The website has been successfully revised. Welcome to call 0577-62278580!
          When will the shortage of chips in the automotive industry last—— When will the global chip shortage be alleviated and solved? (II)
          Rongxin Machinery sincerely invites you to join us!
          Yueqing Rongxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing a series of products of various specifications, such as special strip machine tools, CNC instrument lathes, double end milling machines, CNC vertical/horizontal milling machines, CNC thread milling machines, CNC grinding machines, automatic alloy drill welding machines, CNC rotary table drilling machines, carriage and guide rail processing. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad, and sincerely invite technicians to join u…
          China's automobile wire harness industry: strong downstream demand, high voltage wire harness market becomes a growth point
          The automobile harness is the main body of the automobile circuit network and the carrier of the automobile circuit existence. The harness refers to the components that connect the circuit formed by bundling the contact terminal (connector) made of copper and the wire and cable after crimping, and then plastic pressing insulator or external metal shell outside, mainly composed of wires, terminals, connectors and sheaths.The automobile harness is divided into main harness, cabin harness, instrume…
          Application and Market Analysis of Wire Harness Connector
          The connection between wire harness and wire harness, and between wire harness and electrical components generally uses connectors. The automobile wire harness connector is an important component for connecting various electrical and electronic equipment of the automobile. In order to prevent the connector from detaching during driving, all connectors use locking devices. To disassemble the harness connector, first unlock the connector, and then pull the connector apart. It is not allowed to pul…
          Common sense of application of wire harness processing
          Common sense of harness processing is as follows:1: The wire is stained with tinOnce the wire is stained with tin, it may cause PVC to shrink when heated. In such a case, it is necessary to choose a temperature resistant PVC and control the time of tin dipping not too long.2: How to do the reliability test of CABLE cableIn general, it is necessary to test the swing, hoisting and conductivity. General swaying test conditions: parameters such as swaying frequency, load of lifting weight and minimu…
          Detailed knowledge of bar connector
          Introduction to strip connectorsThe strip connector is a classification of rectangular connectors. The basic structure is bar type, the contact is arranged in a single row, and the connector has a bar type mating surface.Function of strip connectorStrip connector is a kind of component that electronic engineers often contact. Its role is very simple. It builds a bridge of communication between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current can flow and the circuit can achieve t…
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